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What do you Believe?

If people only knew how influential the answer to this question was. It is everything. As I think of the particular area of medicine in which I practice one word comes to mind - vulnerable. Countless faces pop to mind along with emotions of sadness, grief, anguish, hopelessness, sorrow. Often my patient’s world has just come crashing down whether they know it or not and I am there to help them rebuild. So what do you do with hours of rehabilitation ahead, you talk. I can tell you one thing it doesn’t take long to get a glimpse of what one believes as it is displayed in their actions. We’ve all heard “actions speak louder than words” and there is truth to that in the sense ones actions reveal their heart. In the referrals that have come my way I have met a variety of beliefs within beliefs whether agnostic, catholic, mormon, Jewish, Christian, atheist, pantheist, you name it. The list to a degree is endless considering the world we live in today, but the impact of belief invaluable pending what you believe. 2020 brought many things, but of most significant to me was the harsh contrast between hopelessness and hopefulness seen in my patients. What drove these emotions? Belief. At the end of the day it is your belief system that motivates you, inspires you, give you answers to the meaning of life, drives you to do what you do, gives you perspective. So what is it you believe? For me it is the Bible, the living and active Word of God. I have much to say of this, but in time. For now know that my life is full because of Christ (John 10:10). I pray you truly consider what you believe and how it impacts you?

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