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The Balance

Are you balanced? Not the walk a straight line kind of balance but rather the dictionary definition of “mental steadiness or emotional stability.” I cringe at the thought considering the last few weeks and all the places my mind has been. As I reflect back, balance is not the immediate word that I think of and yet even with the array of circumstances, emotions, and thoughts I can see balance existed.

How does one maintain mental steadiness? Is it possible? Yes! In Christ, through His Word, and the power of the Holy Spirit it is not just possible, but commanded. His Word calls us to be self controlled (Gal. 5:22-23). To exercise restraint over one’s emotions or desires in a manner that is pleasing and honoring to God at all times.

How? I found great conviction and comfort from a dear, older, and wiser God fearing woman. She said “We are often faced with unsettling circumstances, but I have tried to meet those situations with one question: What do I know about my God? And to be able to answer that question and settle my soul, it is incumbent upon me to know Him through His Word. I believe the Scriptures are sufficient for every problem we face, and praise God for gifted authors who help us understand how to practically apply His truths. Continue to mine the Word, Hannah, for those who know their God will stand firm and take action (Daniel 11:32). We are not promised immunity, but security in our faithful God!” ❤️

This is mental steadiness. To in all circumstances turn to God and not just see what His Word says, but trust and obey what it says irrospective of circumstances, thoughts, emotions, and feelings. God’s wisdom is perfect. Our emotions and feelings can unbalance us, but Christ rebalances. “Our problem is not that we do not have what we need in the Bible, but that we do not have enough of the Bible in us, which we need!” (Jay Adams).

You want balance in your life? Be in the Word! Believe in the Word! Have faith in the Word! Trust the Word! Obey the Word! Amy Carmichael said “In acceptance lieth peace.” Accept God and find freedom from that which you are enslaved and begin to learn to live a balanced life in Christ!

The Perfect Wisdom of Our God (Hymn)

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