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Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Who hasn't said "I would never do that" only to find yourself doing just that?! Well, that is me and this blog. I would say I am not a reader or a writer and yet here I am. Who am I? Currently a 31 year old full time Physical Therapist pursuing her Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in California while also enjoying being an Auntie to seven, a friend of many, and best of all a sinner saved by the Grace of God. The phrase "perspective voice" came about years ago as I was working with a patient. In my five years of practice I have worked with hundreds of people. Almost on a weekly basis I get to meet new individuals and I can tell you I have yet to meet two that are alike. Initially I was stuck in the worldly revolving door mindset of my career, but then at some point I realized what a gift I had before me. My patients are more than just the pain, impairment, or deficit they are referred for. They are human and they have a story. I have gained much perspective from the people I have been blessed to encounter thus far in my life and still have much more to learn. As Albert Einstein said "The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know." I pray as you go about your day whether clocking into work, taking care of the kids, jumping onto a zoom meeting, cleaning another toilet, or laying sick in a hospital bed that you take a step back and consider a new perspective. Don't let the task or situation detour you from the gift you have before you. There is meaning, purpose, joy, and hope to be found in everything. My prayer for this blog would be that it refreshes your soul bringing encouragement to your day and hope for tomorrow giving you a joyful perspective that cannot be quenched by the circumstances that surround you.

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Jan 09, 2022

Your friends are your “patients“ too. When we’re in pain- you help!!! I appreciate you.

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