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Finding You

Just finished watching the movie Finding You. It’s amazing how one statement, one scene, one moment in time can trigger a myriad of thoughts, convictions, rabbit trails for your mind to ruminate on. One would think I would be captivated by the rom com plot line, but no my thoughts were grabbed by the story of the little old angry lady, Cathleen Sweeney. Yes I cried for that little old angry lady. My heart moved by her story, as what is not real in movies is very real in life. I know that’s why I cried because as I watched her on her death bed I wondered how many of my patient’s have already been or will be on their death bed alone? How many have angry, bitter hearts regretting life. A life lived but not known. A life of lies masked in pride. In the movie, Finley Sinclair has heard a rumor about Cathleen, but refuses to believe it knowing she must look deeper as things aren’t always as they seem. Finley asks Cathleen “What really happened between you and your sister all those years ago? There has to be more to it.” Cathleen states “People would tell you otherwise.” She continues “When no one wants to hear, it’s better to hide. Hide and be angry. Didn’t I wear my anger like a grand fur coat, but all was for nothing. Wasted years. In the end it’s a choice and I made the wrong one.” A moving scene because I feel like I have lived it time and time again, not in the movies but by my patient’s bedsides. I see the sadness and sorrow people carry with them. Even if it isn’t spoken it is visible. Oh how I pray to look past the angry, bitter, frustrated soul before me and choose to look deeper, to know the truth. Why are we afraid of the truth? As Cathleen found in the end the lie was for nothing. I can’t help, but think about John 8:32 “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The truth will set you free. Yes, the truth will set you free. I pray you set aside your pride and choose truth. Truth can hurt but what is a life hidden in lies? One sets you free and the other in shackles. Whether young or old death will come. Look deeper, things aren’t always as they seem and truth is always a choice. May you choose wisely (John 14:6).

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